Circuit Breakers( AC/DC) & Control Components
Control Relays/Components
Pressure Gages and Valves
Magnetic Contractors
OL Relays Timers
Feeder Pillars
Cable Trays
Cable Ladder
Antena Mounts
Relays and Capacitors
Electronic Control Relays
Electrical Accessories

Low Voltage Switchgear (LV)

  • Low Tension (TL) Distribution System
  • Draw-out Type Enclosures (for hazards areas)
  • Synchronizing and Load Sharing System
  • Self Power Generation Switchgear
  • Load Take off Pouch
  • Power Factor improvement plants (PFI)
  • Bus Coupler Enclosures
  • Bus Tie Ducts (BTD)
  • Power Distribution Board

Motor Control centre (MCC)

  • Compartment Type MCC
  • Draw-out Type MCC
  • Intelligent MCC
  • Automation & Control
Energy Savor Ballast for Florescent tube light
DC Power Supplies (1kVA to 50 kVA/12 to 48V DC)
Selector, Phase & Change Over Switches
Fuse Material & Controls
Mercury/ Sodium Bulbs and Blasts
Voltage Stabilizers
3 Pin Circuit breakers

Standard Baluns

Mini Baluns

  • Transmission Baluns
  • High Speed Mini Baluns

Dual Baluns        

  • Dual Baluns Cables
  • High Speed Dual Baluns

Baluns panels

  • Ultra High Density Baluns Panel
  • High Density Baluns Panel
  • Medium Density Baluns Panel
  • Single Sided Baluns Panel
  • Telco Connector Baluns Panel
  • Low Density Baluns Panel

Patch Panels and Accessories

  • Blank Panel
  • BNC Panel & Accessories

Customized Balun Assemblies

  • Quad Balun Assemblies
  • Connector, Integral Balun Pair (ISDN)
  • DB9 to Coaxial Balun    
Baluns Cables
Video Baluns
Broadband Distribution System

LAN Active Devices
WAN Products
Bandwidth Meter
Print Server
Media Converters
Outdoor Booster
Surveillance Systems
LAN Cabling Products (CAT5/CAT6)
Fiber Optic Products
Gigabit Management Switches
Wireless-G USB 2.0 Adapter

AP Routers

Network Hard Disk




Steel Tape Armoured Cable

  • Switch Board Cable
  • Terminating Cable

Power Cables (AC/DC)

  • High Voltage XLPE Insulated Cable
  • Distribution Cable

Insulated Wire and Cables

  • PVC Insulated Wire
  • High Voltage Outdoor Cables
Flame Retardant Cables
Fiber Optic Cables
Bare Copper Wires
Electronic Wires and Cables (UL-CSA)

Cable RG6, RG7, RG11

Cable PCM

-> All Type of Elctrical Cables for Residential & Industrial Purposes

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